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AR/VR App Development Company

Amplify seamless experiences with our immersive AR/VR app development services. Meta App Coders specializes in transforming real time experiences by offering useful AR/VR features that engage users with rich app infrastructure.

AR/VR App Development Services
Meta App Coders is a renowned AR/VR app development company which promises high-quality immersive experiences. Explore some of our Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality services, that blend virtual into real.
AR/VR Consultation
Our team of business consultants work with you to align your business objectives with the right model of augmented and virtual reality technology. We help you define the best development and marketing approach towards the decision of going virtual.
AR/VR Design
A crucial part of AR/VR app success depends on the application design. At Meta App Coders, we design your application to be engaging, immersive, and innovative. We lower your app learnability, making it easier for your users to adapt.
AR/VR App Development
Our team of AR/VR app developers specialize in the creation of robust, engaging applications that are fit to be used by the masses. We understand the need of adding your business goals in the development journey and we do that perfectly.
Technology Inclusion
At Meta App Coders, we hold an expertise in adding the best technology set - AI, IoT, and Blockchain in your AR/VR application. We know how to make your application future-ready and truly valuable by adding in next-gen technologies in the model.
AR/VR App Deployment
The end game of any AR/VR application is correct deployment. We launch your application on every platform, device, and operating system you want it to be live on. All with the promise of zero glitches and high security.
App Maintenance
When you partner with Meta App Coders you can be rest assured that the work will not end with deployment, it extends to app maintenance and upgrade. We hang around till we have ensured market acceptance and there are zero bad reviews.
How we Make AR/VR App Differently
3D Modeling
When creating AR/VR app, we apply such immersion-improving elements as– highly realistic visuals, kinesthetic attributes, engaging animations.
Sales & Presentation Tools
We indulge in the best-in-industry tools for your app design to look enticing while also centering your targeted sales in a way that matches your goals perfectly.
Focus on Different Platforms
We integrate high-quality app solutions that acquire effective compatibility results adjacent to multiple VR headsets and other critical frameworks like Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive, etc.
Location-Centered AR Apps
Get an immersive geo-location-based AR application that can leverage the device’s accelerometer, GPS, compass, etc., to draw accurate insights of the place.
360-Degree Video Perspective
We create freature-rich VR apps midst multiple platforms while making sure to deliver world-class 360-degree video experience to app users.
Our Development Approach
Our team of AR/VR developers make an interactive application which helps users heal, learn, entertain, and make better purchase decisions. We deliver solutions that make you the market leaders at the back of innovative product offerings.
 Consult with Clients
Consultation with Clients
We kick start our app development process by having a detailed client conversation wherein we understand and discuss their goals and expectations to work effectively.
Develop AR/VR Solution
Build AR/VR Solutions
Further to that, our team proceeds with the design, development, and deployment plan to deliver robust and authentic AR/VR solutions to clients and keep them posted about the steps.
 Establish Community Efforts
Establish Community Efforts
We adopt the latest trends and technologies of AR/VR to stay competitive while creating a community environment that supports collective learning via knowledge & experience sharing.
AR/VR Development
Solutions Tailored to your Needs
We rely on a combination of time-tested and upcoming toolsets to create successful AR and VR software for you.
Business-Oriented Solutions
Training & Development
Gaming Applications
 Visual Experiences
Visual Experiences
Marketing & Promotion
Marketing & Promotion
 Social Experiences
Social Experiences
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AR/VR App Idea?
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What Clients Say
Amit paul
Amit paul
“ Meta App Coders’ work received positive feedback from initial customers, meeting expectations. They fostered a healthy collaboration by being communicative, accommodating, and responsive. Overall, their hands-on approach and project ownership were impressive.”
Craig Brennan
Craig Brennan
“ Meta App Coders produces quality deliverables on time and to the client’s specifications — the new iteration of the app is almost ready for its relaunch after its initial launch in 2018. The client can contact Meta App Coders at any time to discuss the project, which is well documented and excellently managed. ”
Sam Weekes
Founder, APIAM
“ External stakeholders are pleased with the application — it’s easy to use and professional-looking. Moreover, the client has developed a close relationship with Meta App Coders. The team communicates seamlessly and adapts to meet the requirements. Overall, they’re responsive and attentive partners.”
Cole Bowman
Founder, Myshift
“ We are very happy with the deliverables provided by Meta App Coders so far, and the app is on track to launch in March 2022. Meta App Coders delivers on time and tracks project progress via Basecamp — they're honest about what they can deliver within the timeframe. They rectify app bugs within 3–5 business days. ”
Manish Goel
Manish Goel
Thousand Greens
“ Thanks to Meta App Coders' proven expertise, the client's platform is now functioning smoothly, including its core features. The team works thoroughly, ensuring each output is reviewed, tested, and delivered with utmost quality. They're also responsive and flexible despite the difference in time zone.”

FAQ' s

  • What are the benefits of AR/VR app development?

    AR/VR app development services are becoming a key part of every business approach. And why not? The technology offers several opportunities to tech leaders. A few of them are: advanced learning experiences, effortless mobility, tremendous market exposure, and much more.

  • Which programming language is used to develop AR/VR-based apps?

    According to a survey conducted by Statista, between late 2021 and early 2022, it was found that JavaScript was the most popular coding language used by mobile app developers in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) projects, followed closely by Python.

  • How much does it cost to develop an AR/VR application?

    As per market research, an AR app usually costs $21,833 to build. Nevertheless, the total cost can differ from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on your needs. Although, if you are planning to develop an MVP with a low number of features involved then the charges of hiring an AR/VR app development company cut down to a greater level. Reach out to us to determine the cost of app development more effectively and affordably.

  • How to choose an AR/VR app development company?

    Depending on your project requirement, Meta App Coders modifies its AR/VR app development services. Our simplest way to help you choose the right one is by determining a few mandatory factors such as expertise, years of experience, testimonials, portfolios, locations, team strength, and most importantly– communication streams that are undertaken, in which our company proudly excels.