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We are a reputable provider of Flutter app development services, dominating the market with the right cross-platform capabilities. Our agile developers have created 300+ apps to date, and they have proven to be feature-rich and quality-focused for businesses. Join us today to begin your digital journey!

Key Features

Cost Effective
Cost Effective
High Performance
High Performance
Web Support
Web Support
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Open Source

Empower your business with our Flutter App Development services

Meta App Coders is a leading flutter app development company that holds an empowering team of Flutter app developers to build robust and feature-rich applications to inspire not only our clients but also investors. We work on industry niches and are always thrilled to take up versatile projects. Hire our dedicated flutter developers to create a cross-platform app that successfully transforms your digital presence to full throttle.

To get going on the correct path is an important aspect. Our Flutter app developers can help you analyze your present setup and build tailored flutter apps while using Flutter consulting solutions for an innovative business strategy.


Our Flutter app developers strive to deliver robust, quick-to-design apps. We can help develop Flutter apps that wow users with stunning UI and seamless UX while being easy to use and maintain.


To achieve outstanding results, work with our flutter app developers. We approach every project with a personalized and case-by-case basis. Meta App Coders is renowned for its professionalism, commitment, and tailored solutions that address certain business needs.


Being a leading provider of flutter app development services, we make sure that your application is created to be bug-free and resilient to hackers. Our team of QA specialists ensures that the software is still change-proof regardless of market trends.


Our Process

Unlock your true potential, leverage the best of technology, and create applications based on a modern algorithm with our experts.
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There goes a lot of research, ideation, and appropriate roadmap building to commence a project and turn it into a success story.


You communicate your goals, we define the scope and begin evolving your idea into reality.


Intuitive user design and efficient UI design, that’s what we aim for when you convert your app idea into wireframes and prototypes.

App Care

The process doesn’t end here. We’ll be there with you and fix all the problems and bugs you face to improve user retention.

Analyze & Deliver

We aim to develop stable and secure applications that simulate great end-user experiences and deliver them as per the deadlines.


We focus on enhanced user experience and commence development with a milestone-based plan of action.

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Why Choose Meta App Coders for Flutter App Development?

Meta App Coders sees every project as a personal project. We take the complete responsibility of building apps which are built to rule the platforms they are made live on. However, our flutter app development services doesn’t just end there. We ensure that the world knows about your offering through our extensive marketing efforts.


We have a 80% return client base. Our expertise mixed with our work ethics makes clients our life-long partners.

proof software

We ensure that your app is ready to face every network and operational change in a hack and glitch proof manner.


We take your need to have a competitive edge very seriously. We ensure that your software is delivered well within the projected timeline.

marketing support

We make your software an internet and offline sensation at the back of excellent development and extensive marketing efforts.


We hold the key to making your app rule the digital space

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FAQ' s

  • What potential benefits does outsourcing Flutter app development offer?

    The following are some of the main advantages of outsourcing the development of your Flutter app to a nation like India:

    • Adaptable to working hours of your time zone
    • Shorter development periods
    • Cutting-edge technologies
    • An improved understanding of various platforms
    • Low cost of development and operation
    • Having access to seasoned developers
    • Quality services guaranteed

  • How much does hiring a Flutter app developer cost?

    The cost of hiring a professional Flutter app developer varies according to their location and level of experience. An app with a simple user interface and a limited number of functions can be developed for between $16,000 and $32,000 in the US. Finally, a difficult app project would cost at least $72,000 in investment, if not more. Medium complexity app development projects cost between $32,000 and $48,000. However, you should expect to pay between $20 and $50 per hour on average when hiring a Flutter App developer from Meta App Coders.

  • Can we use flutter for Web development?

    Flutter enables you to build effective and interesting online apps. For static internet pages, however, it is not suitable. It works perfectly for interactive single-page applications with lots of UI components and animations. For static website pages with a lot of text, a higher standard website development process may yield better results, faster load times, and more manageable maintenance.

  • How much does it cost to build a Flutter application?

    Flutter app development might cost you anything from $25,000 to $200,000. The factors that decide the overall Flutter App Development cost are -

    • The Complexity of the App
    • Hardware structure
    • Level of features involved
    • In Design and Development, etc.
    Keep in mind, though, that this is merely an approximate estimate based on industry-standard development practices.

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