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Recipes on the Go: With over 1000+ nutrient-dense recipes, Healthy Luxe gives you innumerable ideas to prepare healthy and delicious meals.


Refined Preference Search: Refine your search and find recipes that suit your health preferences, requirements, and goals.


Save Offline: Users get to download their favorite recipes and other content for offline usage.


All in one: Healthy Luxe brings all the health and nutrition-related videos, articles, meal plans, etc. in one place.


Healthy Luxe was formed as a result of a mother-daughter duo who had similar preferences and shared a common liking towards great food and travel. The main idea behind Healthy Luxe is to promote healthy living and Healthy food can be appetizing and tasteful.
The website promotes great health, lifestyle, and living habits for a healthier you.

Scope of Work RAS

The mother-daughter Duo, Hannah & Jen created Heathy Luxe to encourage mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle for people across the globe. With the prime aim to inspire and motivate people to eat right and understand what they ingest, Healthy Luxe was given a global platform. The website covers a variety of delicious meal ideas to assist people with their eating habits and different diets like paleo, vegan, and vegetarian.
Hannah & Jen, have till date worked with leading lifestyle, health, fitness, and wellness brands and are able to introduce a new wave of healthy and mindful eating and are awarded a badge for top 50 influencers in Australia for their work.

Project Goals

Assist people with a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Inspire people for soulful healthy eating habits.

Healthy Luxe’s prime aim is to spread awareness about what true health means and how people can opt for better lifestyle alternatives. It offers a database of recipes targeting a variety of dietary requirements while focussing on nutrient-dense foods.

Adding in the Luxe element for health:

The sheer aim is to promote good health. The luxe element in Healthy Luxe defines the quality of health and promotes the idea of health is wealth. The app provides the best in class healthy recipes to its followers with not only the procedure but along with the nutritional value as well.


Research begins with a detailed study of how the application can assist its followers to access all the healthy and delicious recipes that the mother-daughter duo website offers. This is then later followed by designing an application that is all-inclusive, fast, and easy to use for users to assist them in their health journey.

Challenge faced during the process:


The skeletal framework of the football training app along with its screen flows.

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The perfect blend of form and function of an application built to assist its followers with mindful and healthy eating ideas.



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We built a model of our upcoming application Chatmaite and presented the prototype to a group of users to test it efficiently.

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The team at Meta App Coders believes in constantly testing applications for enhanced customer experiences over time. We constantly strive to update, modify, reassesses everything in the applications developed to offer improved performances and thereby correcting faults. We used various tools and test automation frameworks to understand errors timely. Thereby, releasing bug-free and robust software applications out in the real world.

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Forget fuel cards and join in the revolution of a hassle-free experience.

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The ideation behind the application of Healthy Luxe is to embark on a new wave and trend of continuing the adoption of healthy lifestyles and choices. With the same intent, Healthy Luxe offers numerous healthy alternative recipes to its users to choose from that not only are delicious but easy and quick to make. The application is an all-inclusive package for health and nutrition-related videos, articles, meal plans, etc.

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