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We are the SEM agency that helps brands increase their leads and revenue counts by putting in the best strategies and tools in place for a well-rounded set of search engine marketing efforts, where we don’t just ideate new plans but also execute them in a way that seamlessly meets your paid search targets via using annual mode functionality.

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Search engine marketing is one of the most competitive spaces in the digital marketing field. One wrong move and your money can go to a waste along with the advertisement visibility. At Meta App Coders, we have the skill sets to ensure that your ad comes in front of the right set of people at a minimum cost range and an even lower cost of lead acquisition.

Google & Bing Ads Management

We help you realize your business potential by running, tracking, and tweaking your search engine ads. Our team of ad experts ensure that your ad is running everywhere your customer is active and in line with their keyword-specific search history, making sure that the relevancy factor is always on a high level.

End-to-end Advertising

Our SEM team holds expertise in running multiple ads ranging from search engine advertisement, display advertisement, video marketing, and social media advertising to mobile advertising. We ensure that your brand becomes the name that pops up on your prospective clients’ screens, in a format that they are most likely to interact with.

Remarketing or Retargeting

People leaving the website mid-way after coming on it through an ad is very common. We apply the best strategies and content tweaks practices that ensure conversion of visitors who have bounced off your digital platforms. Our team of content and design specialists help you retarget lost connections, making them new again.

Shopping campaign

Also known as ‘product listing ads’, these are the best way to get maximum visibility on your eCommerce website. Our team of PPC and search engine optimization experts ensure that your products get the highest eyeballs through a well-thought shopping campaign, optimized for the keyword that best aligns with your offering’s description.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We track every single one of the clicks, leads, and calls you get on your website. We dive into what is getting people interested in your offering and at what stage are they leaving the platform - only to make you a conversion magnet. We bring you to a stage where the visitors are no longer leaving your website without becoming customers.

PPC Audits

Our team of PPC experts work with your digital team to see how you are managing the PPC initiatives - the content and design mix, pricing, keywords, locations, etc. We then make a plan to elevate those efforts and tweak what is not working. The intent of the efforts is simple - ensuring that the cost per lead lowers while the SQLs increase.

Geofencing Ads

We take your business physically closer to where your customers are through our geo-fencing ads efforts. We pull in data around sales journeys, location-based data analytics, etc. to push your business to people in the places they visit. This way, they get reminded of your brand when they are closest to becoming your customers.

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Why Choose Meta App Coders for SEM Services?

Search engine marketing can be difficult. And what makes it all the more challenging is the fact that high visibility and money is involved in the process.
We make the process ROI driven for you by using strategies and creativity that is bound to lower the cost per lead.

Dedicated marketing support

The moment you are onboarded, you become our center focus.

Complete client satisfaction

Your satisfaction from our work is our primary modus operandi.

Full performance tracking

You will always know how the project is moving in real-time.

Long-term success

The efforts we put in today will show its impact forever.

Latest SEM Tools & Technologies !

We use the industry’s most trusted tools and platforms to ensure that your ads run profitable across every platform.


Advantages of Hiring Meta App Coders for Your SEM Needs


When we work with your brand you can be rest assured that we will single-handedly focus on your brand's growth.


Our SMO services come at a price range that is designed to get you maximum benefits at an amount that won't leave a dent on your bottom lines.


Looking to experiment between multiple campaigns? We can get you the resources and toolsets to run hypothesis testing on your branding.

skill sets

Meta App Coders is made up of ddesigners, creative writers, SMO experts, and a monitoring team which has the skill sets to give you a 180 degree marketing support.

competitor tracking

We stalk your competitors every waking hour. You are informed of any new move they take or any link/mention they get in timely updates.


We are a team of creative people who know how to maintain the balance between what your customers want and what social algorithms need. And we get you there.


We are dedicated towards the results. The better business you make, the better we get as an SMO agency in the USA. We ensure that every effort we put in gets transformed into results.


We treat your social media results like our own. We ensure that your website and social media posts get picked up and then remain in the news.

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FAQ' s

  • Why should I hire a Google Ads Expert from Meta App Coders?

    There are a number of benefits. We don’t just eliminate the cumbersome hiring process but also make you a self-starter brand when it comes to managing the PPC activities in the long-run.

  • Is my AdWords PPC expert certified?

    Yes. The PPC team at Meta App Coders is certified by all the industry-leading certifications. Moreover, they constantly upgrade their skills to be updated with all the latest happenings.

  • What AdWords PPC Experts Do?

    This person is responsible for the management of Google pay-per-click advertisements campaigns. A process that includes planning, designing, implementation, and analysis of the campaign performance.

  • How easy is it to scale up or down with Meta App Coders?

    It is extremely easy. Irrespective of what is the size of your project, you will be able to scale up the team to put in more effort behind some activities or you can also lower the team size when you find a set of activities getting streamlined.

  • Where should I need to run the PPC campaign?

    It would vary from one business sector to another. There are businesses for whom in-game ads make more sense than Google ads, while for others video ads work better on YouTube. Our team of PPC experts analyze your business needs and suggest the best platforms.

  • Will the PPC specialist I hire work according to my schedule?

    Yes. They will be working as a part of your extended team wherein they will be operating in your time zones and will be having timely updates meeting with your team.

  • Can Search Engine Marketing help me to increase my brand presence?

    Yes. Search engines are the first place visitors go to when looking for a solution or are exploring something new. In this setup, when your brand name pops up on the screen for their specific needs, your visibility increases by manifold.

  • How can I trust Meta App Coders for campaign bidding and transactions?

    Meta App Coders sign an NDA with you before the start of a project which forbids us from using your data for internal purposes. With us, you can be rest assured that your data will be safe.

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